ILLEST Ragnarok Online

ILLEST Ragnarok Online is something I started trying recently. It is a private server for Ragnarok game enthusiasts like myself. It is absolutely FREE, which is why  I loved it! You can get to any transcendent job faster than in older servers. You can also hunt for godly items and customize them according to what you need for your class.

ILLEST Ragnarok Online (illest RO) is available twenty-four hours, seven days a week, all day everyday! The same system used in old Ragnarok Online games is still being used, but there are new additional items thrown in for our enjoyment and convenience.

ILLEST RO has its own MVP drop rate, by the way, and freebies are available for new gamers, so that the fight is just about fair when you go head to head with veteran players.

The GMs (game masters) of Illest RO are very friendly and helpful. They host different in-game and off-game events, such as good old guild wars, Guess the Monster, Guild of the Month, Last Man Standing, Hide and Seek, and many more.

Try ILLEST Ragnarok Online and you won’t be disappointed!

Click here to try ILLEST Ragnarok Online:


Illest Ragnarok Online



Illest can be described by the following attributes:

  • Server that is well balanced
  • There are no edited characters
  • GMs are friendly and active
  • Daily war of emporium (WOE) and other events

Server features:

  • Max Base level: 99
  • Max aspd: 190
  • Max Job level: 70
  • Max stats: 99

Custom NPC:

  • Special Headgear
  • Reset Girl
  • Repairman
  • Heal & Buffs
  • Universal Rental NPC
  • Platinum Skill NPC
  • Ripped Cabus ( Gym Pass )
  • Warper
  • Wise Old Woman
  • Potion NPC
  • Ammunitions
  • ETC. NPC
  • PVP
  • WOE Warper
  • PVP Ladder

Try out ILLEST RO and let me know if you like it!


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