Flame Aura Quest Ragnarok Guide

Here is our guide for Flame Aura quest on Ragnarok! This quest for Flame Aura is actually just for Ragnarok private servers. The process is long and tedious, but it is worth it!

Flame Aura Quest Guide for Ragnarok

For this quest for the Flame Aura on Ragnarok private servers, you have to meet up with Harold, whom you’ll find in Prontera. He will then ask you five questions. Answer at least four of those questions right (including the very first question that he asks) and you move on to the next step. Below are the questions and the right answers.

flame aura quest

Q: When was OldSchoolRO officially released?
A: January 2010

Q: Which staff has the most positions?
A: Yie

Q: Who is the head of Police?
A: Yie

Q: Who moderates the Facebook fan page?
A: Seraphiel

Q: Who makes the stoyline quests?
A: Lo

Q: Who made OldSchoolRO?
A: Harold

Requirements for Flame Aura Quest

The quest for Flame Aura on Ragnarok requires you to gather a lot of materials. You will meet many NPCs as well. To find out what materials you need to gather and who the NPCs are, read on.


To proceed with the flame aura quest, after you answer the questions above, Harold will ask you to do one task: you should give him the items listed below:

25 Nightmare Terror Card
25 Kaho Card
150 Lava
150 Burning Hair
150 Burning Heart
150 Live Coal

You can buy these items from other players or hunt them yourself. (I suggest the former.) After you have gathered all the requirements for this Ragnarok quest for flame aura, you can go back to Harold. After you give the items to him, he will warp you to Seaphiel, another NPC.

flame aura quest 2 

Seraphiel is then going to ask you to gather a few more items for him, all of which are enumerated below:

20 Kindle Dagger
20 Burning Passion Guitar
5 Hellfire
5 Huuma Blaze Shuriken
5 Book of the Apocalypse

If you have all the items, go back to Seraphiel. He will then warp you to King, another NPC.

flame aura quest 3 

King will then ask you to get a few cards for the quest for flame aura. The items you will need to gather are listed below:

2 General Egnigem Cenia Card
25 Blazer Card
25 Grizzly Card
25 Imp Card
25 Heater Card 

Once you have gathered the items, go back to King. He will warp you to another NPC named ^sakura.

 flame aura quest 4

The NPC ^sakura needs another set of items for you to complete the flame aura quest on ragnarok. The items you need to gather are the following:

30,000 Fire Arrow
2 Ifrit Card
15 Red Flame Whip
25 Pasana Card
25 Jakk Card

If you have all the things ^sakura needs, go back to her. And you guessed it right; she will warp you to Seyjan, another NPC.

flame aura quest 5 

During your chat with Seyjan, he will share his story about how he lost his house to a massive fire. He needs to make a machine, but he needs you to gather the parts for that machine, as listed below:

150 Rusty Screw
150 Burning Horseshoe
150 Nine Tails
150 Fine Grit
30 Pyroxene

After you have gathered all the equipment, go back to Seyjan, who will warp you to yet another NPC, Frostbite.

flame aura quest 6 

Frostbite will talk to you and ask you to hang out with him. Say no; you need to get on with the Ragnarok quest for flame aura, and he will tell you what items you need to collect:

150 Shoulder Protector 
10 Book of the Blazing Sun [0]
10 Solar Sword
10 Bazerald
1 Ifirit Ears 

Go back to Frostbite when you have all the materials he is asking for. And guess what? You get warped to another NPC named Freestyle.

flame aura quest 7 

After your conversation with Freestyle, he will realize that you are on a quest for the Flame Aura here on Ragnarok. Again, you need to gather these items for him:

10 Wheel of the Unknown

10 Iron Maiden

Have you got all the items? Go back to Freestyle. He will warp you to his girlfriend, Amiipots.

flame aura quest 8 

Amiipots will know that Freestyle has sent you. She will need you to gather the items listed below:

50 Credits
5 Thanatos Despero Card
2 Valhalla's Flower
2 Mastering Card
1 Vagabond Wolf Card
1 Toad Card

Once you get all the items she asked for, go back to Amiipots and she will warp you to Oldies, yet another NPC.

flame aura quest 9 

The NPC named Oldies will then chat with you, telling you you are close to completing the quest for Flame Aura on Ragnarok. You will need to bring this last batch of items for Oldies before you get the Flame Aura:

2 Honey Herbal Tea

2 Grape Juice Herbal Tea
2 Dragon Breath Cocktail
2 Tristan XII
2 Morroc Fruit Wine
2 Autumn Red Tea
2 Mastela Fruit Wine
2 Special Royal Jelly Herbal Tea
2 Red Mushroom Wine
2 Royal Family Tea

Finally, after you get the items, go back to Oldies. He will then hand you the Flame of Aura! You have finally completed the quest for flame aura on Ragnarok. Don’t forget to mention if you want your name on the Flame Aura or not before you go away with your new loot.

I hope this guide for the quest of Flame Aura, which you can only perform in private Ragnarok servers, has helped you! Don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference as you go on your quest for Flame Aura.


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