Ragnarok 3rd Jobs Where to Level

Where do you go if you want to level up your Ragnarok 3rd job character? You’ve probably searched “Ragnarok 3rd job where to level up” on Google and if you have, then here’s a list of all the great places for leveling up!

Ragnarok 3rd job

A Rune Knight: Ragnarok 3rd Job

If you’re wondering where to level up your Ragnarok 3rd job characters, then here’s a list of what I used for my own characters. It’s hard to level up when you’re already in your third job in Ragnarok, but it’s not impossible – and it can be much easier if you know exactly where to go for the right experience points.

You might also want to party up with other third job characters in Ragnarok if you want to level up faster.

In general, don’t forget the following mechanics:

  • Don’t pick up the loots when your aim is to level up. The loots are not worth much, anyway. If you see something rare, perhaps you may want to pick it up – but your inventory should be full of potions instead of other stuff you’ve been picking up from your kills.
  • Make sure you’re using the Advanced Field Manual. I think this doesn’t need any more explanation.
  • You should be using white potions and blue potions. (That’s tantamount to an Elite Siege Box). Reds give too little life. Another tip I picked up during Ragnarok: meats actually give more or just the same amount of life than white potions but actually weigh less. Try it!
  • Make sure you’re carrying an Insurance Box. It ensures that even when you die, your experience points are not deducted.

Below, I’m giving a list of places where you can level up your Ragnarok 3rd job character. Enjoy – and remember, don’t pick up the loots or you won’t have enough space for potions!

Ragnarok Guide for Leveling Up  3rd Job Characters (Levels 100 to 110):

Juperos – Wonderful for leveling up Mechanics.
Kiel Hyre – This place is a good spot for leveling up Generics. However, you have to be extra rich as it can get expensive.
Nifflheim – If you’re an Archbishop (Magnus), this is the best place to level up.

Ice Dungeon – Are you playing a Ragnarok melee 3rd job, such as a Rune Knight or a Guillotine Cross? Then, go to Ice Dungeon. This is perfect for leveling up if you’re alone, especially with one priest or a high priest in tow.
Magma Dungeon – And if you don’t like being alone, Magma Dungeon is great for leveling up an entire party. This place has a high respawn rate. In your party, it would be best to have at least one archbishop, one warlock, and one Sura. The Warlock can use cast spells, such as Storm Gust, to kill monsters, while the Archbishop can provide support. The Sura can lure monsters closer for the kill.

Ragnarok Guide for Leveling Up 3rd Job Characters (Levels 110 to 120):

Abyss lake – Any party of Level 110 to 120 3rd job characters in Ragnarok will have a wonderful time leveling up here.
Odin shrine
Geffenia dungeon
Endless tower – Here, you just might pick up rare items while leveling up. Wonderful for rare items.
Sealed Shrine – This location is for melee 3rd job characters in Ragnarok (Guillotine Cross, Shadow Chaser)
Nameless Island
Thanatos tower – However, before you can level up here, you have to complete the Thanatos Tower Quest.

Ragnarok Guide for Leveling Up 3rd Job Characters (Levels 120 to 130):

Biolabs – This is a great place, but make sure that you have one Genetic in your party who can cast the spell “Acid Demonstration”; otherwise, you will just keep dying.
Thor volcano – Any third job character in Ragnarok can invite friends into one party and level up here.

I hope these locations and places for Ragnarok 3rd job leveling up will help you. If you can share any more maps and places for leveling up third jobs in Ragnarok, let me know.


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