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Yes, Gamer Groundz is looking for advertisers and sponsors! Our blog has a humble PageRank of 1, but when you search for the keywords we blog about (for instance, our recent blog posts are about “ILLEST Ragnarok Online” and “Flame Quest Aura”), we are at the TOP of the search results. Yes, read that, we are NUMBER ONE in the search results!

Gamer Groundz Top Search Result

Above is a screenshot of Google Search Results. It’s our second latest blog post on the quest for flame aura. Yes, we are the FIRST search result!


Gaming Blog Looking for Advertisers and Sponsors

Try searching for anything you need for Ragnarok: jobs, skill trees, guides – and you will see that we are consistently at the first search results page. That’s Gamer Groundz, always trying its best to win, in-game or not!

We are now welcoming advertisers. Advertisers looking for game blogs or gaming blogs can now ask us to write about them, evaluate their games, feature their new apps, and have their ads displayed on our blog.

If your aim is link juice, we are a PR1 blog. If your aim is to get traffic from search results, we are IT! We get ranked consistently!

Gamer Groundz is a top gaming blog. Advertisers who are interested, please send us your messages through stefdelacruz at gmail dot com.


ObviouslyLagging said...

I don't too often find other bloggers who enjoy those games just like me! :D

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