How To Be A Fierce Ragnarok Guild Master

If you’re wondering how to be a good guild master, then here is a list of my own suggestions. I’ve been playing Ragnarok for seven years, so I hope you can put a little faith in what I write here.

I want to share a little information on how to be a good or a tactical guild master  that all players would be scared to duel with. You may think it’s almost impossible to be a great tactical guild master, but actually it’s not . Being a guild master is easy, you just need to follow these steps.

To be a guild master, you need to have:

  • Confidence in yourself and especially  in your members.
  • A computer that has a speed of at least 70-100Mbps so that the game won’t have any lag time.
  • A wild and creative mind that can figure out how to bypass the enemies coming your way.
  • Lots of  zennies to buy pots with. Note: a guild master needs to provide for his members, including sustenance for long life, during battles and sieges.
  • And last but not the least, you need to have a circle of friends, so that you have backup when you’re starting to feel like you’re on the losing end of the battle.

Here’s an actual screenshot of my Ragnarok character, (IGN: A C E 19), owning a castle after I successfully won a War of Emperium (WoE):

Guild Master

Woot! Feels good to be a guild master!

Note: Remember guys, if you’re using a Ragnarok server that accepts donations, you don’t need to donate to be a good player or guild master; you just need to have patience and a some zennies to start with, and little by little when days go by, you’ll soon be a tough player to beat.

And here’s a little something I want to share with you, a screenshot of a Christmas greeting which I won after I won a Christmas card-making event on Ragnarok:

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Rolling on the floor laughingI hope my tips on how to be a good guild master will help you make the most of your Ragnarok WoEs and seiges. Let’s go for the kill – and win more castles!


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