Ragnarok Quest: Rachel Sanctuary/ Dungeon Quest Secrets Revealed!

Finally, the Rachel Sanctuary/ Dungeon Quest walkthrough for Ragnarok is revealed!
Expect to donate 500M zeny for you to activate the Rachel Sanctuary quest. Talk to Nenma (ra_temple 116 174), then give her 50k, 100k or 150k zeny. For every 50k zeny you give, you will be given one Temple Lottery Ticket. Redemption is done Panno (an NPC) inside the Rachel temple (ra_temin 170 46). When you reach the maximum donation amount, the temple entrance shuts down and you may start with the Rachel Sanctuary/ Dungeon quest. Whether or not your character made a donation wouldn’t matter, as long as the temple entrance is already closed.

Requirements for the Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon Quest in Ragnarok:

Level: Base Level 60 or higher
Other: A total donation worth 500M made to the temple in your server (made by you and other characters)
Quest: Lost Child Quest

clip_image001 1 Candy

clip_image002  40 Glacial Heart

clip_image003 20 Firecracker  (you can find this for sale in Party Supplies Shop in Hugel, sold for 500z per piece)

What you get from the Rachel Sanctuary/ Dungeon Quest in Ragnarok:

- 1,100,000 Base Experience
- 600,000 Job Experience
Access to Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon

What you need to do:

1. Have a chat with Nemma (ra_temple 116 174). She will then ask you for help. She’s worried because children are sneaking their way into the Rachel temple.

2. Have a chat with the Kid located by the lake of Rachel (243 37). Chat with him till he talks about fighting priests. Choose the optionYeah, I love them.” Then, give the kid a candy. He will then share with you the secret to entering the Rachel temple.
3. Return to the Rachel temple and look for the secret window. The secret window will then pop up. Select “Enter through window.”
4. Begin exploring the temple. If you find this hard, please refer to the map provided below. While going through (que_rachel 94 138), (que_rachel 59 112), and (que_rachel 132 70), you will get a pop-up message that will clue you in. Go to the circled part of the map and investigate the blood stains.
 clip_image008rachel sanctuary dungeon quest
Go upstairs to investigate the bloodstains. Once you’re upstairs, look for the checkered floor. You will then find the portal behind a statue. Enter the said portal.
5. As you’re walking up towards the gate, you’ll receive a pop-up message concerning the blood stains. Just investigate till the message says that you have to get out.
6. Return to where you came from. You will then get another pop-up message when you reach que_rachel 165 37, que_rachel 160 37, que_rachel 175 37, que_rachel 170 37, and que_rachel 180 37. Any of these locations will do. Then, go out of the Rachel temple.
7. Upon reaching the exit portal (que_rachel 169 18), either kick or push the door.
8. Have another chat with Nemma. Then, get inside the sanctuary through the door behind Nemma.
9. Get into the Rachel temple and chat with Panno (ra_temin 170 46). Ask Panno,Hey, did you open the gate?” Then, chat with her again. Panno will share the truth.
10. Chat with Nemma again. She will then ask for a lot of 20 Fire Crackers. Give Nemma the Fire Crackers. She will ask you to talk to some follower in Rachel 11. Find this Seeking Follower in Rachel (142 167). This follower will ask you to seek out the High Priest, Zhed. If the follower says, “May Freya be with you,” this means you have done the Lost Child Quest already. You may then proceed to look for High Priest Zhed. Otherwise, you have to complete the Lost Child Quest.
12. Look for  High Priest Zhed (ra_temin 277, 159). From the temple door, walk North East, ground floor. He will give you the experience you need for the Lost Child Quest. Chat with him again till he starts talking about 40 Glacial Hearts. He will also hand you a Letter of Recommendation for the pope.
13. Give the glacial hearts to the Pope’s guards
14. Chat with the Pope (ra_temsky 99 100). She will then ask about you. Answer anything.
15. Return to High Priest Zhed (ra_temin 277 159). He will say he has to chat with someone, thenhe will warp you for you to enter the next room.
16. After being warped, go towards the left wall (ra_temin, 288 158), then eavesdrop on their talk.
17. After the talk, the High Priest Niren should appear. She will ask you regarding Zhed and her relationship with Zhed.
18. Return to High Priest Zhed and talk to him. He will mention that he needs to rest. Walk out and a pop-up message appears: “You have found a key.” Choose “Pick it up.” Then, use the key to enter the evasive Rachel Sanctuary.
19. The entrance to Rachel Sanctuary is in ra_temin (29 312). With the key, open the door.
20. You’re now at the 1st level of the Rachel Sanctuary. Proceed to the 2nd level by using the south portal.
21. On the second level, walk north. Near que_san04 (121, 137), you’ll receive a pop-up message.
22. Just keep walking north. You will get another pop-up message.
23. Keep walking north. High Priest Niren will then show up. She will force you to get out and you will go back to Rachel.
24. Return to High Priest Zhed (ra_temin 277 159). He will ask you to keep things secret about what you saw in the Santuary. Now, you may access the Holy Ground (ra_san).
Expect to get 900,000 Base Exp (the previous 200,000 you already got from Nemma) & 600,000 Job Experience. You’re done with the Rachel Sanctuary Quest!
You may now enter the Rachel Sanctuary  through the bloody gate. In case you forgot, this is located on the 2nd floor. You can enter whenever you need to.
The Rachel Sanctuary is great for getting zenies and EXP.
Good luck with Ragnarok Rachel Dungeon/ Rachel Sanctuary Quest!


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