Becoming A Game Master of Ragnarok Online


In every game we know we need a leader. And in every game we need the king of all the kings. In ragnarok online, we call those people as a GAME MASTER because for some reasons they have all the powers to control every bit of our movements. They can jail us, banned us, keep notified in all the good and wrong things we have done since they have all the data they need to gather to be stalking on us. Now in a game we know they have no limit in accessing any commands, that's why they can do this in a blink of an eye.



They can summon any monsters within a second.



They can open all guild castles for players to conquer.




And they can kill all the monsters passing their way with just one blow.  And all the things the monster drops can automatically disappear within the game masters hand. And that's why only few can become a true game master of a server in a game since they are the only chosen one whom the players can trust and relay on through every bit problems or hack cases that could happened. So now who wants to become a Game Master? Now that you know how they do it, now lets see you make your move and prove to become one of the best game masters of ragnarok online. Rock On!


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