Ragnarok Skill Trees from First Job to Second Job to Transcendent Job


Here are the many skill trees available for all jobs. Skill trees help you determine where to allocate the skills points you earned after job leveling up. For example, will you invest your points in the Cart Revolution skill if you are a merchant planning to become an alchemist? To answer that question, study the skill tree involving the career/s you want to pursue:




Novice to supernovice


Acolyte to priest; priest to high priest

Acolyte to monk; monk to champion



Archer to hunter; hunter to sniper

Archer to bard; bard to clown

Archer to dancer; dancer to gypsy



Mage to wizard; wizard to high wizard

Mage to sage; sage to professor



Merchant to blacksmith; blacksmith to whitesmith

Merchant to alchemist; alchemist to creator



Swordman to knight; knight to lord knight

Swordman to crusader; crusader to paladin



Thief to assassin; assassin to assassin cross

Thief to rogue; rogue to stalker


Taekwon boy

Taekwon boy to star gladiator

Taekwon boy to soul linker






Confused about the different jobs? View the Ragnarok job tree – it shows a summary of first jobs, second jobs, and transcendent jobs. To see the Ragnarok job tree, click here.



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