Ragnarok Magician to Wizard Skill Tree

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To transform from a magician to a wizard in Ragnarok, you will develop new skills. The type of skills you develop will depend on your preference: it is your prerogative whether to invest in a skill or not.
To help you decide on which skills to level up, here is a skill tree showing how skills develop.
The light blue part contains skills acquired by a magician; the dark blue field shows skills that you may acquire only after you become a wizard.
The red numerals beside each skill denotes the maximum level of every skill. The arrows show how skills are related to each other. For instance, the magician skill Safety Wall requires a level 5 Soul Strike and a level 7 Napalm Beat.

Text color legend:

Green: Passive Skills (will not need SP; always available for use)
Blue: Active Skills (will need SP; will not provoke monsters which you use the skills on)
Purple: Offensive Skills (will need SP; actively provokes monsters which you use the skills on)
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