I've figured out what's wrong!

I've been posting Ragnarok guides, walkthroughs, and tips the entire night. Now, it seems that I've hit the roof in terms of post limits for the day - yikes! 

After a certain number of posts, will ask for word verification. Because I'm using Windows Live Writer to publish my posts, I don't get the chance to verify, so my posts hit a wall and they don't get posted.

Oh well. At least now I know what's wrong! Hee hee...

After a day, I can post the rest of the walkthroughs. In the meantime, hope you find what you're looking for in my blog.


For Ragnarok tips, cheats, and free walkthroughs, please click on "Guides and Cheats" on the navigation bar. I've also uploaded some guides for Ragnarok jobs and skills, such as flowcharts for different skills and what the second and transcendent jobs are for each character. You can find those by clicking on “Jobs and Skills” on the nav bar (the main topics are also summarized in my sidebar). Let’s level up!


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