Go from swordman to KNIGHT in just three days!

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This is the best way to get a good swordman and to transform him to a knight quickly:

First, get your basic skills up to lvl9. Then, go to Izlude and change your job at the swordman hall.

Once you’re a swordman, buy yourself a basic sword. It costs around 100z-  600z – really cheap! However, it doesn’t have a good attack power. Still, it will be very useful.

Then, go kill some porings until you have enough money to buy 150 red potions. You will need these red potions when you go down to Prontera, then go east, to arrive at Poporing land. Kill the poporings - but be careful! Don’t die just yet; use your red potions. DO this till you reach lvl 25.

Once you get to lvl 25, go to the Ant Hill. Do some quick killing, which is really easy there. Stay there till you’re at lvl 32.

Upon reaching lvl 32, kill pecopecos. Do this till you reach lvl 37.

Then, go to Payon. You can get warped to Payon from a kafra. Once at Payon, go east twice. You'll then encounter smokies – kill them and use bash if you have to. Do this till you are at lvl 40.

al de baran ragnarok When you are at lvl 40, go to Al de Baran. Ask a priest or acolyte to warp you - or go to a kafra to get warped there. In Al de Baran, go to the Toy Factory. Kill the Cookies and Xmas-cookies till you reach lvl 51.

Here’s the easy part: leave Al de Baran and go to Orc Dungeon. Kill all the orc zombies and skeletons you encounter. You will soon reach lvl 54 and job lvl 40. If you want to reach job lvl 50, stay in the Orc Dungeon till you are at lvl 59. Once you accomplish this, go back to the Toy Factory,second lvl. Kill the cruisers and mystcases; this will get you up to lvl 63 & job lvl 50 in just 3 hours.



keep raising your Str and your dex till max


This is important! Do this in the right order – don’t mess it up!

Lvl 10 Increase HP Recovery
Lvl 10 One Hand Mastery
Lvl 10 Provoke
Lvl 5 Endure
Lvl 5 Magnum Break

Good Luck! Soon, you get the job change you need from swordman to knight.



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you said use bash to kill smokies yet you didnt include bash to your skill list?

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