Best Ragnarok Screenshot Contest!

Want your Ragnarok characters featured in this blog?

Join our Best Ragnarok Screenshot contest! A fresh screenshot of your Ragnarok character may be featured in this blog!

Here are the rules:

1. Make sure your Ragnarok character is in the screenshot. Verify this by entering "GamerGroundz Screenshot" onto the message field (where you type your messages to fellow Ragna players) before taking a screenshot.

2. You may submit as many screenshots as you want. However, submission of one screenshot repeatedly is not allowed. Your entries will be disqualified if you submit one screenshot more than once.

3. You may edit your screenshots as long as they don’t look “too photoshopped.” Please indicate if your shot has been edited in any way. This will not mean that you are disqualified; however, we want the best screenshots to be as “real” as possible.  However, if your entry does get chosen, your screenshot may be cropped or edited as needed.

ragnarok priest cheats ragnarok priestess tips ragnarok priest cheats priestAlso, don't forget to submit the following information:

- Name (and whether or not you want your name mentioned online)
- Character's name (and whether or not you want it mentioned online)
- Job and level
- Ragnarok world
- Date of screenshot
- A short description of your screenshot

It's easy, right? So what are you waiting for? Deck your character up by wearing your best equips! Take screenshots when you go to beautiful maps! We will feature the five best screenshots. Hurry, submit your entries now!

Send your entries to Make sure to write "screenshot contest" in the subject field so that your email doesn't go to junk mail. Don't forget to provide the information requested above in your email. NO ZIPPED FILES ALLOWED; only JPEG files are accepted.

Good luck!


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