Reports of the New World Quest Guide for Ragnarok

If, like many other Ragnarok players, you’re looking for New World Quest guides, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s the Ragnarok quest guide for Reports of the New World Quest Guide (Episode 20).


Players must be Level 70, and have completed the quests:
Onward to the New World Quest” and “Familiarizing New Surroundings”

Steps for Reports of the New World Quest Guide for Ragnarok:


1. Go to the central tent in the expedition camp (mid_camp 215, 247) and talk to Hibba Agip (mid_campin 90, 114).
2. Talk to Staff Officer Abidail and accept his request.
3. Speak again to Hibba Agip, he’ll give you a document and tell you to speak with the officer at the dimensional gate.
4. Find Expedition Messenger (mid_camp 206, 286), while you are discussing the report, someone will sneak up and attempts to take it. Help defend the report from the attacker.
5. Go back to Hibba Agip
6. Staff Officer Abidail will ask you to bring him pages of the report in batches of 10.
7. Talk to any of the Expedition Scout on maps below; the scout will start looking for pages. It takes the scout several minutes to find a page (30 min. or so)
You can also find pages by killing monsters in the maps below.

  • (spl_fild02 296, 369) (north wall)
  • (spl_fild03 172, 71) (south wall)
  • (man_fild01 316, 92) (southeast)
  • (man_fild03 202, 251) (east wall, halfway up)

8. Once you have 10 pages, return to Abidail who will fix one of the four volumes of the report. Keep searching for pages until all the volumes are completed.
There is a chance that the pages you collect do not form a complete volume. There is also a chance that the pages you bring compile into a volume you already have. Extra volumes can be stored in kafra and/or traded with other players if desired.
9. Return to Hibba Agip when you have all 4 volumes, and he'll give you the finished report.
10. Bring a report to Laur at Prontera Castle (prt_castle 88,165).
11. Bring a report to Nuria outside Rachel's temple (ra_temple 122, 174).
12. Bring a report to Gerhart at the front desk, inside Rekenber's Headquarters (lhz_in01 110, 174).
13. Go back to Hibba Agip, for your rewards.

  • Receive 2,500,000 Base EXP and 3 First Aid Kits.

For the complete Ragnarok Onwards to the New World Quest guide, click here.  Enjoy our free Ragnarok Quest Guides and good luck! :)



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