A Rendezvous with the Band Rendezvous

Rendezvous hagai izenberg “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny,” so said the iconic former US president Ronald Reagan.

Apparently, the word ‘rendezvous’ is big – especially in the world of music.



The novel electropop band Rendezvous promises to be a hit. Their songs hold a strong voice, showing different musical accents while maintaining a uniform impression. Veering away from the messy and cluttered, Rendezvous songs of give off clean notes and smart beats. Unlike most electronica bands, Rendezvous manages to stand out by going one step further and giving electropop a fresh jazz groove.


So, is Rendezvous an electronica band? Yes and no.

Yes, because they craftily manipulate electronic instruments to produce music. No, because they offer so much more than just that. They deserve a multi-classification, a genre of their own, a description with slashes and hyphens.

rendezvous itai simonItai Simon and Hagai Izenberg, the two geniuses behind Rendezvous, hail from Israel and plan to conquer the world of music. A short year after brainstorming and experimenting with different sounds, they released their very first EP. It made quite a splash, attracting the attention of music lovers worldwide.

They are now working with music moguls like Dave Bascombe who has teamed up before with the iconic bands Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears. The music world is holding its breath, awaiting Rendezvous’ first electronica album that is a guaranteed smash hit.

You can almost picture yourself having a mug of hot latte in your favorite coffee shop, relaxing to their Incognito track, remaining incognito yourself. It’s easy to imagine Marilyn Monroe strutting the streets in her carefree white halter dress, walking to the beat of So What. And if you have any plans of stalking someone, a fitting background song for you would be No Man’s Land. See? Rendezvous carries tunes that tell a story!


Discover more of Rendezvous’ music:

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glen said...

Great music! we should have more of stuff like this on the net. thanks for sharing your music for free. :)

Claire Madarang said...

You can almost picture yourself having a mug of hot latte in your favorite coffee shop, relaxing to their Incognito track, remaining incognito yourself. --> I agree! That's just the kind of music they have! Although that would be a hot chocolate, not a latte, for me. =)

Arnold said...
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Arnold Castillo said...

A lot of people who have "shallow" musical tastes would not appreciate their music. They would say, "hey, it's boring", and some say it's very surreal. But you know what, even though you won't be able to comprehend their music initially, but as soon as you are accustomed to listen to their tracks, you will really love it. It's very relaxing, as if you are drifted away from the real world and you travel through virtual reality. I think this is what their music is all about. You won't comprehend their music unless you go deeper within the structure. "It takes one to know one", as some would say.

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