How to get a perfect Wizard in Ragnarok

ragnarok high wizard cheats ragnarok high wizard tips ragnarok high wizard guide This is the latest tip if you want to become the perfect wizard....

Skill Point Build:

Lvl 1 Novice 1st stats: 1STR 9AGI (for defense) 1VIT 9INT 9DEX
Lvl 2 – 12 or 13: 1st job = mage (just keep raising your int)
Lvl 13~45: Your int must be 70+ and above. Do not put any stats points on dex (you can raise your dex ionce you reach level 46)
Lvl 46~53/54~2nd job you can now raise your dex (it must be 30/29+?)

Skills Required:

Lvl 8: FIRE BOLT (You need this skill for the hodes and also for the wizard test water property room. If you use the stone curse on the obeaune, it will have an earth property; then, you can use the fire bolt.)
Lvl 8: LIGHTNING BOLT (You need this for the wizard test in the water and fire property room if you want to do frost diver on the aggressive monsters.)
Lvl 5: COLD BOLT (You also need this in the wizard test in the fire room.)
Lvl 9: FROST DIVER (You need this skill in the fire room of the wizard test. You can frost the aggressive monsters and cast lightening bolt.)
Lvl 9: STONE CURSE (This is the most helpful skill when you want to be a wizard because you can cast it anytime you want on a monster, except on undead and boss monsters. All you need is a red gemstone.)
Do not invest on soul strike yet; it will not help you. You only need elemental skills for now (you can invest on soul strike when you are a wizard already.)

Where to Level Up:

13 - 20 Poring Island
20 - 25 Snakes and Pecopecos
25 - 35 Ant Hell
35 - 50 Hodes (Use your skills wisely. For example, use fire bolt initially. If the hode is still alive, use fire bolt. Then, follow up with frost diver. Lastly, use your lightning bolt.)
50 - 53/54 Sandman (Use frost diver, then Lightning bolt.)

Good luck!



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